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Glendon Thompson


Glendon has a proven track record of launching and selling products in several different industries. He has worked in both data science and a engineering being a key contributer in both startups and publicly traded companies.

How We're Different


With Elementive you can skip the red tape. We are small and nimble, taking you from 0 to 60 immediately. Skip the middle men and bureaucrats. We have a "deal with it now" approach and believe that perfect is often the enemy of good. We focus on full-stack development which means we have fewer dependencies allowing us to deliver at speed.


At Elementive we acknowledge that we are all serving someone. Whether it's the CEO or the intern, we all have customers. We believe in strong communication and a sense of responsibility. We set things up so that you have direct lines of communication to the people that can help.


Elementive focuses on our client's time-to-value goals. We're objective about the vendor landscape and the many build-versus-buy judgments to be made in bringing a complex product to market. We know that you have a high demand on your time and so do we. If we aren't going to be the best fit, we are happy to point you in the right direction.