The intersection of
engineering & analytics

Elementive works at the intersection of engineering and analytics. We believe in honesty, a sense of utility, and are committed to progress over pride.

Launching a new product? Need Help with an existing project?



Elementive offers project leadership and technical expertise. We will audit your product, help identify areas for improvement and select the technologies best suited to help you reach your business and technology goals. We won’t just be an extra set of hands, we'll help guide your strategy and enact best practices to ensure a maintainable and sustainable product. Whether you have an internal team or not we are ready to adapt to suit the needs of your project.

  • Architecture Design
  • Technology Selection
  • Development Process
  • Product Management
  • Third Party Tools
  • Technical Hiring
  • Research


Modern UI's and battle hardy backends. Our commitment to full-stack engineering acts to reduce dependencies and eliminate hoops for you to jump through - we'll ensure that you don't have to go through the ringer finding multiple developers to get the job done. We believe that development speed, automation and testing are key to good software, which is why we put emphasis on solid CI/CD practices, modern development environments and robust testing frameworks.

  • Web & Mobile
  • Python & Javascript
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Platform Integrations
  • UI/UX
  • CI/CD
  • TDD


Whether you need to develop an ETL pipeline, predictive model, visualization dashboard or search engine we have your back. Where many analytics consultancy stop at the analysis we don't just identify the solutions and improvements but help you implement them. The end result of an anaylsis wont be a single page document but a fully functioning application or API to suit your needs. We believe data science is the last 20% of any analytics problem and are commited to the integration with engineering.

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Pipelines
  • Reporting
  • Charting & Visualization
  • Search

How We Work

Audit & Discovery

We work to understand your company and the challengages you are looking to overcome. We will audit your data sources and walk through questions with the appropriate stakeholders to understand the business drivers and product aspirations.

Define & Design

After identifying the right problem, we design a product strategy, architecture, and roadmap using 4 distinct perspectives and areas of expertise— business value, product design, systems engineering, and data science.

Develop & Deliver

Using 2-week sprint cycles we give you full transparency on progress. Continuously adapting to challenges and changes, we use optimal platform choices, container architecture, CI/CD and test driven development to deliver the best solution. We are equipped to deliver reliable and maintainable web and mobile applications.

Evaluate & Evolve

How many times is the first solution the most optimal? We aim to get it right first time but believe in the power of iteration. Using telemetry and analytics we can help you analyze application usage and work with you to improve your products to ensure that you are meeting your goals.